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My Thoughts on Takeoff Speeds

6 min read
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Expert Iteration From the Inside

10 min read
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One-Magisterium Bayes

13 min read
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Mode Collapse and the Norm One Principle

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I've been meditating since I was about 19, and before I came across rationality / effective altruism. There is quite a bit of overlap between the sets of things I've been able to learn from both schools of thought, but I think there are still a lot of very useful (possibly even necessary) things tha...(read more)

It seems like in the vast majority of conversations, we find ourselves closer to the "exposed to the Deepak Chopra version of quantum mechanics and haven't seen the actual version yet" situation than we do to the "Arguing with someone who is far less experienced and knowledgeable than you are on thi...(read more)

I don't see him as arguing against steelmanning. But the opposite of steelmanning isn't arguing against an idea directly. You've got to be able to steelman an opponent's argument well in order to argue against it well too, or perhaps determine that you agree with it. In any case, I'm not sure how to...(read more)

I would also like to have a little jingle or ringtone play every time someone passes over my comments, please implement for Karma 3.0 thanks

What's most unappealing to me about modern, commercialized aesthetics is the degree to which the bandwidth is forced to be extremely high - something I'd call the standardization of aesthetics. When I walk down the street in the financial district of SF, there's not much variety to be found in peopl...(read more)

It seems like this objection might be empirically testable, and in fact might be testable even with the capabilities we have right now. For example, Paul posits that AlphaZero is a special case of his amplification scheme. In his post on AlphaZero, he doesn't mention there being an aligned "H" as pa...(read more)

I can't emphasize enough how important the thing you're mentioning here is, and I believe it points to the crux of the issue more directly than most other things that have been said so far.  We can often weakman postmodernism as making basically the same claim, but this doesn't change the fact that ...(read more)

I could probably write a lot more about this somewhere else, but I'm wondering if anyone else felt that this paper seemed to be kind of shallow. This comment is probably too brief to really do this feeling justice, but I'll probably decompose this into two things I found disappointing: "Intelligenc...(read more)

This is partly a reply and partly an addendum to my first comment. I've been thinking about a sort of duality that exists within the rationalist community to a degree and that has become a lot more visible lately, in particular with posts like this. I would refer to this duality as something like "T...(read more)

I think I've been doing "mythic mode" for nearly my entire life, but not because I came up with this idea explicitly and intentionally deployed it, but just because it sort of happens on its own without any effort. It's not something that happens at every moment, but frequently enough that it's a si...(read more)