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Possible things to consider are:

It's assumed that you go to App Academy with the interest of getting a high paying job without paying too much for that opportunity, and being very confident of your success.

It's also assumed you want to be able to program, and would imagine it to be fun in the future, if it is not already.

Humans acclimate to conditions relatively quickly.

It's relatively easy to improve your living conditions with earplugs, night eyewear, and a mattress cover.

Having people around you to debug when you are too exhausted to is a significant boon for progression in programming skill.

That said, it's understandable if your values differ.

They don't have actual housing.

There are three rooms and one open space to put beds / storage in.

80%+ of beds are air mattresses people bought at Target.

Living at the office means you have to sign up at a nearby gym if you wish to shower.

It also means no privacy.

The showers in the nearest gym occasionally turn to cold water. (about 1 in 15 times)

The nearest gym is ~7 mins away walking and costs $130 for three months membership.

There are no housing costs.

Lights typically go off at 11 pm - 12 am

Residents have to wash dishes and take out the trash, and generally pick up after themselves.

There are ~15 residents per active cohort.

Food costs are ~$10 / day if you eat out for lunch and dinner, and ~$4 / day if you make food.

Each sleeping space is ~20 square meters. (there are four)

If you sleep in the last sleeping space, you have to move your shit during the day.

Not in trash anymore. However, there is a never version in the form of a bread recipe here.

I don't really think of my identity when I do things. I don't notice it at all.

I just assume I'm always in a calm analytic mode of thinking, even when I subconsciously know that's not the case.

Others view my identity with disgust and immediately dismiss what I have to say. I'm not really sure anything would help bring my point across correctly.

There will always be people who don't have time for you and aren't in a learning mindset, or just don't see you as anything other than an antagonist when you start trying to have a real conversation or suggest new things.

I probably should just avoid those people, and stop trying to convince people in general unless I have a pretty good chance of success, but my entire life is built around convincing others. I'd be happier not having this goal, but I still have it.

I just don't know how to approach a life without standpoints and arguing. It's not something I've built myself for. I don't know where to start and I don't know how to have a good time starting.

It'd be great if there was help for this, or some guiding light for approaching this. I honestly just am lost at this point.

My standard way of dealing with internet names is to just ignore them completely because they don't provide much evidence/usefulness (unless I want to reference the person) and I want to read the comment anyway. I guess I thought LWers would either not notice my name at all or see it, be a little more suspicious, and read anyway. (not immediately downvote or tell me my name sucks and I should change it)

AFAICT, you're looking at posts anyway, so good/bad natured names shouldn't matter, only good/bad natured writing.

Yup. I did that first thing.

But how do I sort the comments by new (and as a list?) Seeing only new comments is useful, but what about chronological ordering for all comments?

Open thread? What?

Nice! How do I go about adding a feature to the site that everyone can use?


Is there any way to make this a little more automatic for the future?

Greasemonkey or a browser extension that injects javascript?

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