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I like to watch the sunrise, it also feels pretty inspiring when you complete tasks early and while everyone else is waking up your work for the day is done and you can enjoy your self. Its also a hard thing to do, a small win (the power of habit) something that when I have the discipline to do gives me greater freedom "start your day with a task complete" (make your bed) and chains into getting more and more done that day.

Make your Bed
The Power of Habit
Extreme Ownership

Getting into bed by 6pm and waking up at 3am (small win), going through my moring routine: 20 pushup 10 knee ups to warm/ wake up (small win), make bed (small win), at least 30 min walk outside (small win) all these thing set my day up to be productive I the last 5 months I've accomplished many Sunrise hikes, over 21 friends made, read many books i'd been meaning to get to, started carrying around a journal and writing everything down. Some of the moments of the last 5 months have been the best of my life, I have been feeling great. I have accomplish more towards my life goals in 5 months than I have in 3 years.


The Miracle Morning

The Power of Habit

Hi everyone! The path that lead me here started with my childhood desire to not die, Charlie Mungers talk on the the psychology of human misjudgement, then reading HPMOR, Currently reading the Sequences and as of 5/17/2020 started the process of signing up for Cryonics. Looking forward to the journey of becoming sane.