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Nice to hear, I've had great results myself too, let's hope this continues to work for us :).

I like simplicity and would prefer something shorter (it does sound representitive though), but wouldn't really care about the name as long as the system is working and has (my preference) people from less wrong working there.

Personally I have the sound and notifications off and don't mind the chatting at all, but that also means I ignore the chat while working. I think chatting for introduction and about goals, expectations is crucial and should be limited only if it becomes about non-productive-related stuff.

Perhaps a second room with more or less chat (or other guidelines) will be good if more people join in, but now I think focus should be more on coming up with correct guidelines.

I agree, a FAQ or introduction will be necessary if this is going to be used by many. Perhaps I will make one after I have a little experience myself in this.

I guess a good start in using it would be just to say hi, rather chat in text form so that people doing their work don't have to be disturbed and can respond at the time of their choosing (besides the risk that they might have sound turned off).

Then after someone responds (I don't think it would take too long if people are online) would probably follow a short introduction and chat about what you and the other person are working with, what you would like to do, perhaps mutually agree that you will update each other regarding process. After that follows naturally work in silence (unless you work together).

Technically - I've had a couple issues too, but once it's started it has worked fine.

I have made a small start towards this - I urge you guys to find a better alternative, but until then I invite you to:

This open chatroom

EDIT: Login as guest to avoid spam in your twitter/facebook (credit Zian). I also recommend using some sort of adblock-program (sometimes the advertisements are with sound).

Regarding the popularity, there seems to be activity at least two thirds of the time, ranging to up to 10 people during "peak" hours.

I have tried many things over the years in my hope to shed my procrastination, but this is something different from what I have done and am very willing to try it.

Shortly about me: 26 years old, live in Sweden (Norway within near future). I recently aquired a medical degree, but because of long struggle with akrasia I feel behind from where I should be "knowledge-wise". Relevant studying (radiology) together with future planning (specific job searching) are what I want to spend more time on, but since deadlines have disappeared after University, much more of my time is now wasted on "mindless" stuff.

I would like to offer my "help" to anyone who would like to try this. I will keep the appointments and be a friendly companion. However I'm not sure if I can be of any value to you in terms of learning you relevant things or be able to keep up with a Eliezer-level discussion.

My only requirements for you are:

  1. Lesswrong-reader - congrats, you passed!
  2. Keep the appointment(s) we set

Contact me if interested to give it a go.

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It worked with similar effectiveness as other techniques I implement - that means only until I have done enough to feel good about myself (2-5 productive days)...

Wow, thanks for this great article that was the final piece of information that tipped me over towards getting my shit together. Within 10 minutes after reading it and browsing the comments, I was on my bicycle going to buy small treats I like, that I now give myself for every achieved small goal (~2-10 min of work).

I now wonder though if maybe I should give myself another reinforcer when starting to work with a new goal, otherwise maybe I will only strive for finishing as fast as possible, but starting with a new small goal won't be that much reinforced? Maybe this is my mind trying to get more candy though, so I would be thankful for outside perspective.