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Great tool. Does the API you're using allow unanswerable questions to be flagged at all though? Just got one question that depended on an image that wasn't there, and another with no question body. Also, labeled axes on the graph might be nice for people who don't already know how calibration curves work and/or don't like unlabeled axes.

I noticed that too--I'm not sure what it is with Moody, but in an earlier revision of Chapter 97 he'd ended the chapter by saying "what the crap--" (it's now been changed to "WHAT -"). It's unclear if EY edited the earlier chapter because it wasn't very British or because it seemed out-of-place, but for whatever reason, he's saying it again now.

I don't see why they're still worried about Bellatrix, it looks like she's been rendered mostly 'armless.

"Fourth. One piece of exceedingly unexpected and happy news. Hermione Granger is alive and in full health, sound of body and mind. Miss Granger is being observed at St. Mungo's to see if there are any unexpected afteraffects from whatever happened to her, but she appears to be doing astonishingly well considering her previous condition."

Should be "aftereffects".

I guess the only other evidence we have is that the Map, using the wards, would (implicitly) alternate between showing him as QQ and TR depending on whether QQ was being actively possessed, but as far as we know reported relatively consistently on the presence of the Defense Professor, such that it was a surprise to Dumbledore that the wards reported him being the troll. We do know that the wards are able to remain aware of identity even through transfiguration, as shown with both the troll and the unicorn.

It seems like that's about as consistent with the hypothesis "the wards counted QQ's body, QQ's suppressed consciousness, TR's consciousness, and the troll as the Defense Professor" as it is with "the wards just counted QQ's body and the troll as the Defense Professor". It comes down to whether it's more likely that the wards use the simpler strategy of tracking bodies (as Velorien said) since there would be little reason to track spirits/consciousnesses, or that they target your magical "self" as well as the Map seems to do, possibly based on some fundamental aspect of magical self-ness.

Of course, all this is even assuming the wards track the deaths of professors. It seems like the sort of thing you'd want wards to do, but I can't think of anywhere that that's been confirmed. We do know that the wards didn't report that the Defense Professor died after the troll died, so if it does keep track of the deaths of professors, it doesn't count as death when some living portion of "the Defense Professor" is still alive.

If Harry's right about the effect that transfiguring the stunned Voldemort will have, won't the wards identify "the Defense Professor" as still alive?

Ch. 116:

But the International Conferation of Wizards

Should be "Confederation".

Madam Hooch brew a shrill whistle

Should be "blew".

I wonder if he's just getting a new name for arbitrary reasons (like HPJEV, Bellatrix, etc.), for just this sort of anagram fun, or for some story-related significance to his mother naming him after her brother instead of her father?

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