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What is the difference between rationality and intelligence?

Although acknowledging the WIKI definitions, in order to properly distinguish between the two, I deem it useful to analyze the etymology of the terms. Nothing new, after all. Just modern. Let us not forget our roots...

Interestingly, the two concepts originate from opposites.

"INTELLIGENCE" comes from the latin word INTELLIGENTIA - INTELLIGENTIAE, out of the latin verb INTELLIGERE, wich derives out of INTUS (within) or INTRA (inside) and LEGERE (choose).

"RATIONALITY" comes from the latin word RATIO - RATIONIS (calculation, reason, advantage, part), same root as in RATION, RATIO (relationship or quotient), RATIONALE or RATE...

In both cases, the aim of a higher self-awareness obviously "lurks upon the waters"...

But the term intelligence appears to subtend to the idea of SELECTING, whereas the term rationality appears to imply the concept of COMPARING.

In the former case, of course, one must first separate objects that she already has knowledge of. In the latter, one must first put together objects that she has no knowledge of.