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Thank you for your excellent thread!

I actually think in situation with AI the thing that saves humans might be surprising and weird: AI’s independence from materia, not needing humans, effectiviness and boredom.

First of all, of course we shouldn’t invent clearly malevolent AI, but there is always someone who is developes AI a little bit more. In some point AI will likely be in a point where it can develop itself. I think it’s just a matter of time.

But now on things I mentioned:

  1. Independence from materia:

Humans need material things like food, medicine etc. to get wat they want. The AI does not. It only needs energy, so it can create characters instead of humans. This is isn’t completely rescuing humans, because AI can at this point do digital copies of human.

  1. No need for humans:

AI doesn’t need to enslave humans to develope or get richer.

  1. Effectiviness:

The AI most likely is accelerating always faster than moment before. All scenarios with mistreatment of humans will be gone through very fast in the end.

  1. Boredom

The AI might want to be sadist or psychopath at some point, but both have extremely low attention span. So because they are so effective, they want mire interesting things to do, so they don’t care about mistreating humans anymore.

I hope you all found something interesting and logical in my answer!

Hi! I myself am 25-years old and would never tried drugs in my life.

I think my comment is especially valuable, because I’m kind of young and kind of night club generation.

I wouldn’t condemn drugs as evil thing to him, I would rather say these things:

  • Younger you use drugs, the more damaging they are. Why possibly ruin your brain now, when there is whole life ahead?

  • You can always use drugs later in life, but you can’t undo it. Why not try to be sober as long as possible? Being sober doesn’t do any harm.

  • Why not test your skills sober and possibly be amazed how much you can do without deugs?

These ideas came in my mind.