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Does this mean that Sazen(s?) can be used as Shibboleths? 

"I know that they are a bad influence on me, but I still want to be with them."

Is there a difference of this from "The horror of what must, yet cannot, be false"?

I owe the past my forgiveness, and the future my learning.

I wanted to substantiate and boost this comment with some data from the Princeton's admissions office article on its aid program :

  • Admission is need-blind for all applicants, including international students.
  • Princeton financial aid is awarded solely based on need; there are no merit scholarships. (If you are good enough to get in, they will ensure that you will be able to afford it)
  • The full need of every admitted student is met through grants.

The link also has a breakdown of how much aid is provided depending on the student's gross family income. 

In terms of economics, such elite and wealthy institutions are playing a different game - Their endowments are on the orders of tens of Billions of US Dollars, and so they are not trying to make money off their students, but instead trying to admit students that they think will be promising and capable enough to boost the institution's prestige and network much later down the line. This means that the focus is on the admissions office (instead of the finance office), which you can also guess is subject to no small amount of scrutiny and drama as well.

Anonymity reduces iterative prisoner's dilemma (staked on reputation) to one-shot versions.

The externalities are offloaded onto the platform providing said anonymity.

If I am randomly put into a 2d grid of rooms, assuming that "random" means that I have an equal probability of ending up in any room, then shouldn't I be equally likely to end up in the border rooms as in the middle rooms?

Good point! If one wants to privately discuss a taboo truth, should one equally emphasize both the "taboo" as well as the "truth" of the matter? On first thought, ethically I would say yes.

Yes, "taking the risk" was what I had more in mind, but essentially so.

Thinking about it, it seems that if a person desires to point out a taboo truth without being exposed to the potential social/political repercussions, a safer way to do so would be to privately point out the taboo truth to another person who is unaware of said social/political repercussions, and encourage them to point it out instead.

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