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How to Lurk Less (and benefit others while benefiting yourself)

Something that may or may not help: varying levels of pressure to make quality posts and comments. So you have a place for low-quality posts and off-the-cuff comments, to help generate ideas and grow some familiarity with stuff in a safer environment, and then a place for actually good content to direct people to later.

LW feels like it's one of the latter.

Suspiciously balanced evidence

I assign a greater than 1% probability for each of these questions that all of the information I've taken in about the situation is completely wrong in some fashion. It's quite possible that I actually have no idea how the stock market, for example, works. There's lots of misinformation floating around each of these questions.

Generally, .1<p<.9 comes from not having a good gears-level model for the situation, for me. .9<p<.99 comes from concerns around the trustworthiness of data or from insufficiently tested models.

Who lacks the qualia of consciousness?

I can sort of focus on my attention, I think. It feels like I'm focusing on the difference between what I'm focusing on and what I'm not focusing on, or on the process of shifting attention.

If I'm supposed to be focusing on the thing doing the attention then I can't do that. A quick attempt at focusing on the process behind choosing what to focus on failed, though I might have more success if I tried doing it for longer.

Who lacks the qualia of consciousness?

I recall a conversation about consciousness that I came out of convinced I was a p-zombie, because the description of consciousness didn't describe anything going on in my head. I feel confused about what you're even referring to when you say "a vivid sensation of my own presence."

I don't have any experience of my self as a distinct thing, though it's possible that it's just always there and I can't tell it's there because I have no concept of it not being there, if that makes sense. I haven't meditated much, perhaps doing more will make it more distinct?

I can introspect fine usually, but the me doing the looking doesn't feel separate from the me being looked at. When I do things, I just kind of... do them? It doesn't feel like there's a specific "me" doing things.