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Munchkining for Fun and Profit, Ideas, Experience, Successes, Failures

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1 min read
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Aubrey de Grey has responded to his IAMA - Now with Transcript!

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1 min read
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Q&A with Aubrey de Grey on May 15

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1 min read
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Scott Adams tweeted that you can't be with someone less happy than you. I'm trying it anyway.

Does anyone have any experience with this? In particular, is there a way to not always sacrifice my happiness for theirs at rapidly diminishing rates of return until we are equally (un)happy? >Professor Alan Bittles, director for the centre for human genetics in Perth, Australia has collated data on infant mortality in children born within first-cousin marriages from around the world and found that the extra increased risk of death is 1.2%.

...(read more)

Heh. Qualify this under "crazy ideas". [Chinese tech companies are motivating programmers by hiring cheerleaders]( It would be interesting to know if this increases productivity. Do cheerlead...(read more)

ethically okay

Dude, be a consequentialist. Don't use expressions like "ethically okay" or "morally wrong". Use "superior to", "inferior to".

If there's one thing I enjoy about this site, it's reading practical advice from its members.

*fixed the 3AM typo

If Ra sees this as a voting game, getting into politically charged arguments with newbies and then down voting them is efficient.

They give him a target that lets him post a lot of replies, and with low karma they can't down vote him back.

He can use a second account to vote up 30% of his replie...(read more)

My approach was very simple: find the best public school system in my area and move there. "Best" is defined mostly by IQ of high-school seniors proxied by SAT scores. What colleges the school graduates go to mattered as well, but it is highly correlated with the SAT scores.

What I find important i...(read more)

> Having these organic experiences lead to the development of skills which don't exist in isolation, but instead play a role in knowing how to deal with women successfully in the rest of life.

I often hear claims like that here on LW, but they sound very implausible to me. I never had a girlfriend ...(read more)