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Chapter 86: Multiple Hypothesis Testing

I honestly don't think I've ever seen such a smart stupid person. It really almost hurts, and I hope as this Harry grows and matures he figures it out. I've been rooting for him all along, but he really is a conceited little prick isn't he? Or is empathy, having no immediate tangible benefits, of no use to him. rolls eyes

Chapter 81: Taboo Tradeoffs, Pt 3

Yasss Queen! Hero thatshit up!

Chapter 74: SA, Escalation of Conflicts, Pt 9

We all know what would have, could have happened to those girls,had no one intervened. What sort of headass headmaster would think that acceptable? Then again it's probably happening all the time in hogwarts hallways,and not just to girls with white ribbons in their hair.

Chapter 70: Self Actualization, Pt 5

I knew this Professor Quirell most likely led a solitary life - that it would leave him quite incapable of understanding witches, or even muggle women at that, I hadn't thought of.

Chapter 63: TSPE, Aftermaths

"It was dangerous, to try and guess at evolutionary psychology if you weren't a professional evolutionary psychologist" and even then it was still haphazardous

Chapter 61: TSPE, Secrecy and Openness, Pt 11

Artistic license and all but for anyone who cares to know, the Stanford Prison expirement is hardly a classic unless you mean in the sense it was a classic example of how not to conduct a study/experiment.

Chapter 45: Humanism, Pt 3

This almost made me cry. I love this. Such positive unbridled belief in the capability and beauty of US! And all we couldo achieve, and to think sometimes I feel I'm the only one who feels this way.