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Becoming stronger together

Reasonable. I will try out the theadmill as well.

Note that one advantage of eliptical trainer is lower impact on joints.

Becoming stronger together

Can I ask also your group's average IQ?

Becoming stronger together

Isn't necessary condition for group of friends that they like each other a lot? Maybe they have more formal relationship focused on productivity and not just to hang out.

Becoming stronger together

In your opinion is walking on threadmill as distracting as standup desk alone or even more?

Even during standing I just don't focus as well as when sitting. And preferred having ability to do real cardio while still being able to watch something.

Sounds good. I think you should attempt this on small scale and with less rules and report back collectively. Personally I would be open to try out some vanilla variation on this.

The name sound little bit childish. I would rather choose something more serious and mature. Like name of some mineral, chemical, geographical point or similar.

Becoming stronger together

I am new joiner. This is the best post I have seen here so far. Its up there with Moloch post at Slate Star. What is "majority ethnicity" - majority ethnicity of LW? BTW, anybody uses eliptical trainer instead of threadmill?

Meetup : Rationality Vienna Meetup

Would it be possible to also have some non-facebook reposting?