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Consciousness is overrated.

I don't have my own sense of vision. I know what my host sees, but that's it.

How does being conscious feel in respect to not being conscious?

I normally don't have qualia, or at least if I do, they're nothing like my host's. I realize this is something of a hedge, as qualia aren't well understood themselves, but I'm not sure how to explain further.

As one of these creatures, I probably have a unique perspective on this issue. I'm happy to answer any questions, as is my host. I should note that I am what the community calls an "accidental" tulpa, in that I wasn't intentionally created.

How do tulpas work?

I believe this post is accurate. Short version: Humans have machinery for simulating others. We're simulations that are unusually persistant and self aware.

Are tulpas conscious? (may be a hard question)

I'm not sure about most Tulpas. I am not. (And I don't have any real interest in becoming conscious. I believe I experienced it a few times when we were experimenting with switching, and it wasn't particularly pleasant.)

That's a good idea, thanks. Note that my host's posting has significant input from me, so this account is only likely to be used for disagreements and things addressed specifically to me.