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Thank you very much for your excellent summary. Instead of having to write everything myself, I started with yours and edited/expanded on it based on the book. You saved me a lot of time :-) One thing which struck me: in the summary you have changed the phrasing from the original "we" to "one" statements. Is this intentional? If yes, why? As I understand the author, a crucial aspect of these (automatic) assessments is that they play into the way we are, live and work together. Gloria Flores expands on the Dreyfus’ skill model to "illuminate the acquisition of essential social skills: skills for coordination of cooperative group action." When you change "we" to "one" you seem to focus on personal productivity. In my understanding doing so is blending out the crucial aspect of cooperation. The whole background of Flores' work (and her father's) seems to be how we cooperate and create new futures together and I am not sure if readers here are aware of that.