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Not telling is mostly about wanting to avoid the other party getting angry.

I wouldn't mind disclosing the reasons to someone if I was given some confidence they wouldn't get angry at me.

Thus most of the time one ends up using polite safe generic to turn away people.


This is a little bit more complex.

Sexual desires are not a constant for each invidual person.

It seems (in the poly community) that awesome sexual experiences with one partner make one want more sexual things with the other partners rather than less.

Intelligence Amplification Open Thread

Supplementing D-vitamin (D3 in my case) seems to add more energy and efficient hours in the day for me.

More art, less stink: Taking the PU out of PUA

If altering preferences is so easy then the men could alter themselves to be bisexual and solve the problem...

Not advocating that, but if we talk about altered preferences, that is the simplest solution.

More art, less stink: Taking the PU out of PUA

Let's see for a definition, first hit on 'venue change pua' is

Does building "compliance" and "time distortion" sound ethical? Does it sound like it helps people make informed rational choices?

Everything social is shades of gray, and that is why motives are so important. If the art is so ethical why are description of it so often done in such a bad way?

More art, less stink: Taking the PU out of PUA

I think they go more into a "that person is more likely defect for his own win than cooperate" and "that person does not seem safe".

Also being somewhat sensitive to the system people doing a status competition just stink on a personal level.

Then again I prefer androgynous cooperative helpful people, rather than overtly masculine (or feminine) ones.

Others might find the same behaviors very hot.

More art, less stink: Taking the PU out of PUA

"there are many people to whom it doesn't apply".

Sorry for the confusion, english is not my first language so sometimes my sentence structures will be confusing.

If the site takes an implicit almost-every-of-us-is-a-single-het-man then it will probably self-select into that direction.

More art, less stink: Taking the PU out of PUA

This might be an artifact from my social circles and I don't doubt that nicer PUAs might exist on the internet. However people having negative PUA experiences in real life affects how the label is seen by different kinds of people.

And that can be relevant if the project wants to attract others than the single-hetero-male crowd.

But it seems like many men on the hinges of the social circle seem to get an "it is ok to lie to get sex because no harm done in that to the women, and it is their fault for not giving enough sex in the beginning." from various PUA sources.

Personally I am quite interested in ideas about open honest communication as good relationship practices and the whole "relationship management by white lies" is quite the opposite.

Then there are the ideas from Roissy etc that are directly misogynic

More art, less stink: Taking the PU out of PUA

Many "alpha" behaviours can be creepy.

Someone being submissive is not creepy.

This as a personal note, not as a general truth.

More art, less stink: Taking the PU out of PUA

Because some people are in happy long term relationships, where picking new people up or dating new people are not very important.

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