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Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas.


Billionaire Economics

This is really helpful, though I always find these breakdowns to be a little disappointing. Do you know of any sources that break down government funding by program in a more detailed way?

Billionaire Economics

It's not clear why we should expect government to do a better job; this is explored in some depth here.

Billionaire Economics

I think that statement reads pretty clearly as both a hypothetical and as a joke; I don't consider "universally evil" to be an especially likely explanation.

Something about the Pinker Cancellation seems Suspicious

Yeah, I saw that too. Definitely good for Pinker and more suspicious data about the letter.

A very jaded perspective could be that this is indeed a false flag but the whole end goal is just that Pinker wants to write a book about the subject and needed a way to insert himself into the conversation.

Something about the Pinker Cancellation seems Suspicious

Wow, very interesting finds. That does make it seem even more like a false flag. Could you share the link to the article (even though it's paywalled)?

Also, would you mind if I added some of your points to the main post, for posterity?

Personalized Medicine For Real

Do you have a citation for that thing about Tenenbaum?

Something about the Pinker Cancellation seems Suspicious

Interesting points. Part of why it seems so fishy to me is that, personally, I have a lot of experience with far-left lists of demands and takedowns. They're certainly not perfect, but in my experience they are reliably 1) longer, 2) better researched, 3) better written, and 4) more vicious.

Again I will offer examples like the attempt to remove Hsu and the recent list of dozens of demands at Princeton. On easily-measured scales, such as number of demands/pieces of evidence, the letter to the LSU is a clear outlier. It's hard for me to imagine them stopping at only 6 complaints. On less easily measured scales, like how damning or aggressive the evidence is, I also think that it is a clear outlier; not only worse than normal, but well worse than the normal worst examples of the genre.

Of course this is all based on my previous experience with this sort of document, and that's something I can't share, it's just built into my priors. But if you're willing to accept my semi-expert opinion on this, then my take is that it seems fishy.

Was a terminal degree ~necessary for inventing Boyle's desiderata?

Not to be a jerk about it, but surely correlation doesn't imply causation. A better explanation is that being <the sort of person who will eventually do groundbreaking work> will cause you to get a PhD, but the PhD may not be causally implicated.

We can see a good example of this in Judith Rich Harris, who was the sort of person to go to a PhD program, but was kicked out before she could finish, and yet went on to revolutionize developmental psychology anyways.

Also note that it was harder to get a PhD in the past. These days it's easy enough that if you want to do research you might as well.

Something about the Pinker Cancellation seems Suspicious

Solid reasoning. 40% seems just a little high to me but I absolutely agree that, conditional on this being a false flag, Pinker has the most to gain from it.

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