Vishrut Arya


Why don't countries, like companies, more often merge?
You can get many of the benefits of having one country through mechanisms like free trade agreements, open borders, shared currency zones etc.

This is key in my opinion.

Would AGIs parent young AGIs?
Duplicates - digital copies as opposed to genetic clones - might not require new training (unless a whole/partial restart/retraining was being done).

Wouldn't new training be strongly adaptive -- if not strictly required -- if the duplicate's environment is substantively different from the environment of its parent?

When combined with self-modification, there could be 'evolution' without 'deaths' of 'individuals' - just continual ship of Theseus processes. (Perhaps stuff like merging as well, which is more complicated.)

I understand this model; at the same time, however, it's my impression that it's commonplace in software development to periodically altogether jettison an old legacy software system in favor of building a new system from the ground-up. This seemed to be evidence that there are growing costs to continual self-modification in software systems that might limit this strategy.

Would AGIs parent young AGIs?

I'll check it out -- thanks Zachary!