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Epilogue: Atonement (8/8)

What I actually got from this story is that we shouldn't be selfish as a species. If the good of all species requires that we sacrifice our core humanity, then we should become non-human and be superhappy about it.

Justified Expectation of Pleasant Surprises

When I watch a movie that I really like (and have already seen dozen times), I usually create some kind of imaginary persona that haven't seen the movie before and kind of pretend that everything surprises me. It works.

Serious Stories

Beyonder here. The "unbearable pain of broken hearts" sounds like an interesting experience. I'll take one of those, and one "defeated in a fist fight". The "Romeo and Juliet just seems less and less relevant" sounds interesting too, but I'll try that later.

Emotional Involvement

Eliezer: "Thus fails the Utopia of playing lots of really cool video games forever... the hell of a life of disconnected episodes"

Better to reign in hell, no?

Complex Novelty

Kitty Pryde: "Science, magic, politics... is there anything you can't do?" Doctor Doom: "Knit. I find it repetitive."

High Challenge

How about making games that serve a purpose in the real world? Imagine a virtual world that generates and distributes quests and puzzles based on what kind of (robotic) work is needed in the real world. I guess this would go under "removing low-quality work to make way for high-quality work".

Lawful Creativity

Not meant as a critique of your piece of conceptual art, but usually all blank paintings have some kind of story behind them.

Robert Rauschenberg: Erased de Kooning Drawing (1953)

You might also get a kick out of The Clockworks Project:

Protected From Myself

When I saw The Dark Knight, I was left thinking how long it's going take before some truth-seeking cop realizes that Batman didn't kill those people and Gordon is part of the conspiracy. Acceptable risk, Batman?

Awww, a Zebra

Alas for those who turn their eyes from ladies and google themselves.

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