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Truth comes out of error more easily than out of confusion.

-Francis Bacon


Unfortunately, I can't help you with that, as you have your own models and feelings. You'll have to collect data on your own about which works better in what situation. You can probably start by going over past experiences to see if there are any apparent trends, and then just be mindful of any opportunity you might have to confirm or disconfirm any hypothesis you might generate. Watch out for unfalsifiables!


chaosmosis said it already :)

You don't have to treat your feelings and your models differently. Just use whichever one the evidence suggests is more likely to be correct in whichever situation you find you find yourself in. See?


Almost. It boils down to: when do you know that your models are correct and when do you know your feelings are correct. Well, how do you settle that question?


I agree, but that does not answer the question. How do you decide which to use? What do you need in order to decide?


There are situations where your feelings are more reliable than your models. Are there situations where it is the other way around? How do you decide which to use?


To what extent can you expect evolution to have prepared you for your day-to-day experience?


Do you have good evidence that your feelings are more often correct than your models?


But that's the entire point of the quote! That mathematicians cannot afford the use of irony!

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