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I was very successful before doing the Landmark Forum, and continue to be successful.

A course or a book does not transform any person - it is the commitment behind the action that alters the reality for anyone.

Books, courses [such as Landmark Forum], conversations with successful people, daily life etc all contribute in some way to mould people's personalities.

While I have greatly benefited from using the technology of Landmark Education [and continue to be, even 12 years later], I have also seen several others fail miserably. Therefore, it is a delusion to think just by doing a course will alter life circumstances. Opinions dont change situations - taking committed action does. My request to people is not to simply go by opinions, but try out [any new experience] by their own. And while you try, REALLY try it on - meaning, give it a chance, and see if it works.

If it does, great! and good for you. If it does not, wonderful! - you have just found one more thing that you need not pursue further! :- )


In my entire team of Engineers, the one common look I get is a Poker face. It appears that this kind of expression is "default", and showing emotion is something foreign. I wish people would be OK with just expressing themselves - how they feel about any particular situation.

Then, the truth would quite often be out on the table, and everybody can then deal with it [along with the consequences!]