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Hi, I'm new here. I have heard of this forum for a long time but didn't sign up until now. 

I'm interested in ... everything. Reading, Writing, Video Games, Art, AI, Programming, Design.

My particular area of focus is "Tools for Thought". It's the idea that certain thoughts need to emerge from certain tools. The reason primitive people didn't invent Mario was because the medium didn't exist at the time. They could have created ping pong but not Mario. Given that there are certain Design Expression or Products that directly depend on the tools available. Mario was no a simulation of a game like poker, but a "new" thing in itself. I'm exploring that. I'm building a tool[0] that aims to be the most configurable tool ever in order for people to create their own tools by tinkering with it(Learning by editing). I have also worked with an alternative Spaced Repetition Algorithm from the standard "superpemo" that is implemented in both Supermemo(Learning Tool) and Anki(Spaced Repetition Tool) with a couple of added benefits(Like no daily minimums, moods). To summarize I'm interested in better ways of thinking, learning, memorizing, designing etc. It's my pleasure to be here.