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RE: claim 25 about the need for research organisations , my first thought is that government national security organisations might be suitable venues for this kind of research as they have several apparent advantages:

  • Large budgets
  • Existing culture and infrastructure for research in secret with internal compartmentalisation
  • Comparatively good track record for keeping results secret in crypto, such as the NSA with RSA or GCHQ with PGP
  • Routes to internal prestige and advancement without external publication
  • Preventing the creation of unaligned AI would accord with their national security goals

However, they may introduce problems of their own:

  • Clearance requirements limit the talent pool that can work with them
  • As government organisations with less of a start-up culture, they may be less accommodating of this kind of research
  • An information leak that one organisation is researching this area could lead to international arms races
  • Tools suitable for public release that are developed may be seen as untrustworthy by association, such as the skepticism towards the NSA's crypto advice
  • A research group would be more beholden to higher-ups who would likely be less sympathetic to the necessity of alignment work compared to capability work

Has this option been discussed already?