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Power dynamics as a blind spot or blurry spot in our collective world-modeling, especially around AI

This all feels so abstract.  Like, what have we lost by having too much faith in the PMK article? If I buy what you are pitching, what action should I take to more properly examine 'multi-principal/multi-agent AI'?  What are you looking for here?

Rational Feed: Last Week's Community Articles and Some Recommended Posts

The article about Slack is really good, thanks for linking.

Open thread, September 25 - October 1, 2017

This is a pretty daunting takedown of the whole concept of political campaigning. It is pretty hilarious when you consider how much money, how much human toil, has been squandered in this manner.

HPMOR and Sartre's "The Flies"

"Or is it so obvious no one bothers to talk about it?"

Well, that's not it.

The Copenhagen Letter

Humans are 'them'? Who are you actually trying to threaten here?

Open thread, September 11 - September 17, 2017

Certainly, self replicating robots will affect our survival. I'm not sure it will go in the way we want though.

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