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He's also a writer with book titles that sound like LessWrong articles, though they were written before this site hit the mainstream. He wrote "The Overton Window" in 2010, and "The Eye of Moloch" in 2012.

What does Flutter do that various JS/CS frameworks don't? Does it give design advantages on web, or is the benefit that it brings web design to non-web applications? 

This is a little like game theory coordination vs cooperation actually. Coordination is if you can constrain all actors to change in the same way: competition is if each can change while holding the others fixed. "Evolutionary replicator dynamics" is a game theory algorithm that encompasses the latter.

Even if the beetles all currently share the same genes, any one beetle can have a mutation that competes with his/her peers in future generations. Therefore, reduced variation at the current time doesn't cause the system to be stable, unless there's some way to ensure that any change is passed to all beetles (like having a queen that does all the breeding).

For the preprint --> journal point: if all the bad ones never made it to publication, that would show the same conclusion. Maybe journals are more filtering than enhancement sometimes.

Or, the norm of expecting to publish in a journal means people are motivated to do good work. If you preprint with the expectation to publish you'll do good work. But there can still be a lot of terrible science out there in preprints. I don't think what you wrote is evidence we should trust random PDFs on the internet.

What do median and mode case peaks mean here? Is that on your ordering of day? Like, if for Jan 15-19 there's a 10,20,30,14,16 is the mode the 17, the median the 19th, and the mean whatever you'd get by averaging?

How would you go about getting a high-risk person close to the front of the line for pavloxid treatment? I was really heartened to see the news about imminent approval because a very high-risk family member was recently exposed, but I think without hustle he would definitely not get it in time. I plan to call hospitals in his area tomorrow -- anything else?

I really loved reading this series. Came for the puns, stayed for the story. Thank you for writing!

In continuous control problems what you're describing is called "bang-bang control", or switching between different full-strength actions. In continuous-time systems this is often optimal behavior (because you get the same effect doing a double-strength action for half as long over a short timescale). Until you factor non-linear energy costs in, in which case a smoother controller becomes preferred.

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