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I understand this really well written text is a deep dive into Seed Oils, but there is a crossing issue that's not mentioned thought: how does the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers?

It seems to me quite relevant as both canola and soy, the top 2 growers in consumption, rely heavily on those aids, which have grown in use and complexity.


Traditional oils involve some processing, but they’re pretty easy. To make butter, you milk a cow and churn the milk. To make olive oil, you grind some olives and press them. To make lard, you take a beautiful pig with hopes and dreams, you kill it, you cut off the fattiest bits, and then you boil them and strain.

But here’s how you make canola oil: Take rapeseeds, put them through a vibrating sieve, then a roller mill, then a screw press, then do a hexane extraction, then do a sodium hydroxide wash in a centrifuge, then cool and filter out wax, then pass through bleaching clay, then do a steam injection in a vacuum. Whatever comes out of this is not something your DNA anticipates.


This is the heart of the text to me; which goes with the context around it: avoid highly processed foods.