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The fact that you can have subforums, and you can find the newest and most active threads on each subforum category, also that you can organize those subforums by thread titles only, instead of having to see half of the thread taking more space in the organization, making it harder to find what you are looking for.

I understand dictionary just keep track of how people in a culture use a word. But many people including me, consider that ,we should use dictionaries to know "how a word was used until now" and keep using it that way, instead of creating your own language, which is how humans work now. Now you live in a world with as many languages as people speak, and while you can't really change that, you can definitely highly reduce the differences. That could be achieved by using a pilar of reference. Why is this not the most productive position?

I came to this site in search for truth. Or at least find some people that will help me identify that which is real or true and that which is not. I think one of my tools to do that is to debate with other people in the seek for same things I am. Not many people are really interested about that imo, or are really educated to be able to help me as much as I need. Because this problem a friend of mine directed me to this site, where I should find those people. The huge problem here is how this community decides to trade information. This "Article/comment" Format Is AWFULL imo, compared to a forum. I really can't see how I can use this site for my benefits, even if it seems here should be people that would help me to do that. Is there a place LIKE THIS, but with the difference, in that there is a FORUM instead of this article/comment format? Thanks.

Question: What is the definition of morality? What is morality? For what humans use this concept and what motivitates humans to better understand morality, whatever it is?