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[Book review] No nonsense meditation

This sounds like a more serious take on “Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics” which I really enjoyed.

Judge Overturns Transportation Mask Mandate

I generally agree with the above post however I disagree that ending the CDC addiction moratorium was political in any way. It takes forever to get a case on a federal docket. As soon as the rule got to court it was struck down.

Are there any preventive steps someone can take after being exposed to strep throat?

Once the hypothetical girlfriend has been on antibiotics for 24-48 hrs she is no longer contagious and to be extra careful the imaginary boyfriend could pop one of her antibiotics an hour before snogging.

Some ideas for interacting with reporters

It is implied in some of the things you said but to be explicit, always have your own video and audio recording of any interview.

Soup design: Everyone likes it, but few know how

It sounds like they found the room design pretty but not useful. Optimization problem.

What are the counterarguments to a Faustian Vaccine Hypothesis? ($2k charity bounty)

Have no information or opinion on the main issue. However in regards to the question about the community, As someone who got into the community late and alone I will tell you that yes, LW is exactly like that.

A fate worse than death?

Your premise that “permanent death is the only brain state that can't be reversed, given sufficient tech and time” is absolutely without basis. A technology that could reverse “a million years of terrible pain” is indistinguishable from magic and therefore assuming it could resurrect people (or at least their minds) is at least as plausible.