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It's articles like these that make it clear that trying to extend rationalism to every aspect of the human condition is doomed to fail, and not only to fail, but to make anybody who makes the attempt seem like an alien to normal people.

There are people who have been Talking about the different types of love and what love actually means thousands of years. The Greeks talked about the difference between Eros and Agape. Today on poly forms, you can see people talking about all the different types of love they have for their partners throwing around words like "new relationship energy" and "limerance." Well known biblical quotes like "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends," makes it clear that there are different types of love.

Most people are just comfortable with context clues instead of working down a flow diagram to make sure they are using the perfect word at the moment.

For example, if someone asks me how I'm feeling and I say "bad" the fact that I have the flu vs if I just got a divorce is enough to clue most people in to the fact that the words "feel" and "bad" are referring to physically and emotionally respectively. Most people and situations don't need more clarity than that for human relationships to progress.

The FDA does not provide good guidance on what treatments should be applied in what situations. They approve drugs for a limited set of uses and that's it. Most drugs are applied "off label" which the FDA rules that drug companies specifically cannot comment on -- so not only does the FDA not provide guidance on the most common use for most medications, they actually prevent that guidance from being provided.

You mean the Theranos that is specifically regulated by CLIAA and Medicare which did nothing to stop them until they actually destroyed people's lives?

Or you can buy UL listed ones that work. The UL is a private organization. Which again goes to prove his point.

Why are you nervous to predict the drug doesn't work? Your take seems reasonable and opinion isn't liable so?

Because you can't make money off of it (by definition) so no-one wants to work hard enough on it to make it work. Sort of like communism itself.

There is a difference between normal language evolution and forced changes as a tactic in the post-modern power struggle game. These are usually signaled by the fact they are strongly advocated by a small minority of activists, often not even of the group affected. They are at best generally used to signal allegiance to a certain in-group and "other" less enlightened people. Examples are the term "Latinx" which most Hispanic people dislike. Attempts to rename the homeless a "unhoused" or "people experiencing homelessness" are also noted.

Hi there. I'm confused about the units you are using through the post. You start using milliliters (mL) as a unit when referring to the KCl salt that you were putting on your food. Was it a liquid supplement? If not did you mean milligrams? How did you measure?

Do you have an estimate of the total milligrams or milliequivalents per day?

Thanks for the post!

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