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Agreed! Everything that I shared is actually from my Soviet Ukrainian family, who used to just call themselves "Russian" as an easily-understood shorthand for Americans who wouldn't have known where "Ukraine" was back then.

I actually think just about anything Eastern European is good for this.

My Ukrainian dad's easy borscht recipe:

Vegetarian Borscht:

You need:
small cabbage (or half large one), I prefer red cabbage, but green is fine also.
1 can of sliced beets, onion, few garlic cloves, one potato, 2 bay leaves, salt/paper.

Pour 6-8 cups of water in a pot ( or fill pot up to half) and turn your stove on..

Once water is getting hot- slice onion on small pieces and add to the water, then start slicing cabbage on small pieces (editor's note- You can also use pre-sliced cabbage from a bag) then add to the water, bring it to the boil, reduce heat so it barely boils, add sliced garlic and two or three bay leaves. Check your time- once cabbage is in and water is boiling it will take approx. 40 min to make it done. In a beginning it looks like you have a lot of cabbage but don’t worry – it will cooks down and make more liquids. Now you can work on potato: slice and add, slice and add one carrot. Cover and let it cook. During the last ten minutes open can of beets and add all content including a juce. Bring to the boil again, taste it…add one or two tablespoon of vinegar ( I preferred Apple cider vinegar, but..) if you don’t have vinegar substitute with lemon juce. You are DONE. Takes 40 min from boiling… Serve as is or you can add small spoon of sour cream on a top of the bowl, sprinkle with a dill if you wish

fyi, I am a girl and I also find the "Hot girls excite me!" line to be off-putting and it makes me go ugh.  For me it isn't that it makes me think ogling women is a big hobby of yours, but rather that you mostly value women for their "hotness". And the term "hot" means a specific kind of attractiveness that is very expensive and high effort (as opposed to "cute", "pretty", "attractive", etc). So it means you prefer women who spend a lot of time and effort on their appearances rather than liking women as people. 

There is more reasons it's uncomfortable, but that's my initial 10 cents.

I felt a lot of internal resistance and push back when reading this. I agree that this is NOT WHAT YOU SAID, but I feel like there is already a lot of memery and pressure to let the long term / Mission folks be social free riders and leeches in every other part of their lives and I don't like it. My brain pattern matched this post into that meme space.

Cross-posted from FB:

During the 872 day long Siege of Leningrad, almost a million people died, mostly of starvation. Twelve of those people died while surrounded by food they refused to eat. They were the scientists and staff at the Institute of Plant Study, a seed bank containing the life's work of Nikolai Vavilov.

Vavilov had already starved to death in a Soviet gulag, for holding to Mendelian genetic theory, as opposed to the false-but-government-endorsed Lysenkoism. It wasn't just a principled stand either. Vavilov knew that the truth of genetics could help them feed the country with better crops, while the false theories would fail.

Vavilov's absence left just his workers to guard the seed banks from destruction. They did their best, knowing that the seeds would be instrumental in rebuilding after the war. But the majority of the seeds still rotted, even as they were protected from the starving masses outside their door.

The workers starved rather than eat the seeds, but still most the seeds were lost.

That may make it seem like all a waste, but what did survive proved to be invaluable. Today 80% of Russia's cropland is growing the descendants of the seeds from the Institute. Many millions, maybe even a billion people are alive because of the sacrifices of Vavilov and his workers.

Like many others, I'm currently fasting in honor of Vavilov Day. While it's officially a one day fast, I'm vaguely aiming to make it to Saturday, which would make it my longest fast yet.


  • Team up with friends who already play DnD or write glowfic. Less scalable but can grab the $20k.

  • Similarly, if you're unemployed/ have lots of free time just sit down and write it yourself.

  • Recruit from a local University. This can be very scalable if you e.g. know the creative writing professor.

  • Recruit from roleplaying groups or online roleplaying forums. Requires a bit more filtering than the above.

  • Recruit from fiverr or similar. Requires lots of initial filtering but can end up with low price. Create a series of increasingly less automated tasks as a filter (eg start with a multiple choice quiz that's automatically graded)

  • Ask a person who already does this kind of thing how they would go about it.

  • I don't want to name names publicly here, but post on BR, or talk to MR to use his team.

  • Use the volunteers who are posting here.

  • Show this post to a whole bunch of people who you think might want to grab the $20k as individuals. Let them know that if enough of them make the $20k thing that you will all team up to churn out the $1m thing, split proportionally.

I can't tell if it is purposeful that this is set up in an adversarial/ winner-take-all kind of way. It's really off-putting to me, and seems to encourage everyone being out for themselves, rather than collaboration. Particularly for such an inherently collaborative product. Maybe Nate and Eliezer just expect cooperation to fail?

Anyways, if people DO want to attempt some kind of collaboration... EDIT- Don't join my Facebook group, join plex's Discord linked in the comment below instead

Multiple times on this thread I've seen you make the point about figuring out what responsibility should fall on Geoff, and what should be attributed to his underlings.

I just want to point out that it is a pattern for powerful bad actors to be VERY GOOD at never explicitly giving a command for a bad thing to happen, while still managing to get all their followers on board and doing the bad thing that they only hinted at/ set up incentive structures for, etc.

("So Kids Will Learn" is old enough that I expect lots of it too be mostly debunked growth mindset and the like, but I expect will still hold valuable bits)

Thank you! There is actually a whole bunch of similar books by the Fabers such as "How to Talk So Kids Will Learn" and "How To Talk When Kids Won't Listen."

I plan on listening to a few more in the next year or so.

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