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Great review, Jonah! You briefly mentioned that it's more likely Lee and Jake would buy meatless meat (e.g. Impossible or Beyond "meat"), and it made wonder what a sequel or revisiting chapter by M&S would look like regarding these very recent food trends. While regulations and subsidies for ethical farming would certainly mitigate the problems with factory farming, ultimately consumer choices make the biggest impact. With more awareness of these problems (among other issues), more people are now begging for plant-based meat alternatives spooling the rise of the aforementioned meatless meat companies. I think if we truly want to mitigate, or even eliminate (which is far too down the road realistically), investing in and buying these meatless meat products is the best way to go. It will either force these factory farm corporations to either straighten out or diversify their products (i.e. adopt their own meatless alternatives) which ultimately eliminate animal agricultural cruelty. I think the '20s will see a major revolution in the standard American diet.