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The potato diet reminds me of a brilliant professor, John PJ Pinel, who had a pet theory he could never publish. 

He believed that the most effective diet was to limit yourself to no more than seven ingredients.  You can pick any seven.  It might be potatoes, eggs, beef, carrots, lettuce, blueberries and tomatoes.  Any seven, and maybe a Vitamin C supplement if you don't pick a citrus.  You become so tired of each ingredient that you eat substantially less calories. 

The interesting part was the theory that a limited diet allows your body to align cravings with the nutrients a body needs at any given time. Our bodies cannot align cravings with needs when there are hundreds of foods in our diet, but when theres only a few we can apparently manage it.

I highly recommend the chapter of his textbook on food and diet if you are into this kind of thing. Biopsychology by John PJ Pinel.  To be fair,  lot of his pet theories were probably wrong. He also believed that we needed almost no sleep, and that we would be healthier if we ate lots of very small meals.

He loved to tell the stories about how various drugs and treatments had been discovered. Nearly all of them were discovered by accident. Penicillin, Botox, Lithium, Rapamycin, Viagra, Birth control, Iproniazid, Warfarin, etc. They all have stories like yours.