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A point:

"My House, My Rules" certainly makes parents feel good about themselves. They have a nice CAPITALISTIC excuse for their behavior.

So let's ask the question, what happens if child-animal bucks?

What happens if child-animal wants to move out? Get a job?

Well, child-animal is REQUIRED to attend school, and if child-animal escapes, the full force of the state will be brought to bear to drag child-animal back. Child-animal will do exactly as it's told, or child-animal will pay.

http://www.violentacres.com/archives/158/diary-of-a-teenage-runaway/ So really, that is pretty much is it for American 'parenting'.

Granted, sometimes the state will find it funny to destroy totally functional households with 'child-abuse' allegations. That's cause the State has more power than the parent. The Parent will do exactly as it is told, or the Parent will pay.