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My pet rabbit's bed was positioned under my work desk at home, making sitting there uncomfortable at best and hazardous at worst, so I often would choose uncomfortable positions around the house that weren't conducive to a productive mental state. Moving his bed under a different table (they prefer to have coverings) means I have a work desk again!

Just a restatement of "We ... do these other things not because they are easy, but because they are difficult," which for me is, "It's hard. Do it anyway." When inattention and repeated failure in grad school turned to constant anxiety turned to depression, I often found myself not doing things because they were hard, and in moments of clarity, that would rankle deeply, but I'd be unable to break past the "it's hard" barrier. Then, I found myself taking a firm, mentoring hand with friends of mine - one I never turned on myself. So, I began internalizing and repeating, "It's hard. Do it anyway," whenever the only reason I could give myself to not do something was that it was "hard." I liked it as a phrasing that brooked no rebellion, but acknowledged that yes, the task was hard. There are times, still, on particularly bad days, when "hard" is even as simple as doing the dishes, but this mantra does get them done.

Tried sketching out a comic. Realized the doodling I've done forever is now so natural to my hand I can draw out a cartoonish little character in a VERY short amount of time. Might be worth trying to actual make a few.

Sapience Spell: I wanted to use my tattoo because it has deep significance to me, but it's on my back. So, when I become tangibly aware of my (long) hair on my back, that triggers a thought of the tattoo, which in turn reminds me to be aware of who I am (Name, drives, capability/confidence) in this moment.

Very simply, I don't brush my teeth as regularly as I ought: Therefore, I put a sticky note outside my bathroom door reminding me to do so.

What I enjoyed about this most was that often, solutions to one problem fed into partial solutions to others. Keeping my phone out of my hands directly on waking meant organizing all my small-item chargers next to the front door, which is the most convenient and correct place for them, anyway.