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Love and Rationality: Less Wrongers on OKCupid

Of course, in a dating context, it's at least as important to know the answer to the Shadow Question: "What do you want?"

Memetic Hazards in Videogames

Star Control II did something very similar--as time went on, the world changed, and eventually one of the villains would start their omnicidal rampage.

Our House, My Rules

But should stupid adults have no rights?

Do Fandoms Need Awfulness?

Bond's article was mostly referring to fans of fiction and movies, but as someone who has spent time on fora related to both sports fandom and anime fandom, I can safely say they're very similar. You see the same sort of memetics in both--sports message boards frequently fill up with people "quoting"(I don't think this is the best word) the chants made in the stadium itself, much like you'll often see anime-related boards fill up with people quoting famous lines from certain series. You see the same sort of provincialism in both--"If you're a fan of X, you're not allowed to be a fan of Y, and vice versa" is a common refrain in certain tvtropes pages about Fan Dumb, and that's also pretty much the definition of a sports rivalry. And there's also the internecine stuff, where you have endless debates over the worth of a player or the motivations of a character.

So yeah, I'd say fandom is universal.

Changing accepted public opinion and Skynet

It already is a socially accepted factoid. People are afraid of AI for no good reason. (As for Wolfram Alpha, it's at about the same level as ALICE. I'm getting more and more convinced that Stephen Wolfram has lost it...)

The End (of Sequences)

Next time, you can use ^W ;)

Hardened Problems Make Brittle Models

To make it look more fair than it actually is.

Generalizing From One Example

I know that PUA is "pickup artist" but what is AFC?

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