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Look at how declining NAD+ levels in age shut down the cellular innate immunity system... it automatically kills off the old during epidemics.

And yes, this is another attempt by me to get you to pay attention to the recent developments in NAD+ boosting vs. coronavirus... there's finally a human trial on this in Denmark. Everyone please try to live long enough to worry about aging ;)

Those are all good points. One problem is that when the parasitic class prints itself a few trillion, it justifies it by also doing tax-supported "rescues" of obsolete companies, a terrible idea as your second paragraph implies.

You could say the same about WW2... and a lot of idiots have. Trillions of dollars worth of destruction (mostly from the "recovery programs", aka bailout opportunities grabbed by the upper-class twits) does not help anyone achieve any legitimate goals.

Those who talk about "less materialism" while supporting transfer programs from my barely solvent self to them can stuff it.

I'd accept the "practice for a more serious pandemic" one... that's true. Problem is that there is no sign of anyone working on stopping FDA and CDC from banning PCR kits for the NEXT epidemic either... in fact, they'll both get big budget boosts from the publicity they've generated by making it impossible to even LOOK for the virus until late March for most places...

(?) This is LessWrong... I thought everyone was either rich enough to sub to the big papers, or clever enough to get around the paywalls? If I had known that this club was going to accept me as a member, I shouldn't have joined!

Answer by William WalkerMay 08, 202020

Yes, I've been working from home since March, so have "ramped up physical training" in the sense that the borderline-personality collie demands that I run 20 miles per day now ;)

Although vaccines won't be available, there are other strategies available now that can reduce severity. One is NAD+ boosting, that ameliorates the single biggest defect in old cells, the downregulation of PARP10:

You girls all seem like normal nerds, what's the issue ;)

I get the "need equipment the right size" thing, our gun range keeps some short LOP stocks around for any women that wants to take up shooting.

BTW, I was told to learn to cook so I didn't starve to death... not sure that was actually some kind of gender abuse ;)

I did not know that... I can't spare many neurons, I'd better check it out.

The apoptosis pathway requires the mitochondria to be on... this has been noted since Warburg in 1935 (look up Warburg Effect).

More likely that NR would enable apoptosis to work correctly. Most of the time. Anything can happen with freakin' aneuploid cells, but that's how I would bet. Also, try to stop cells from going aneuploid in first place... this came up in the early days of telomerase research. Lengthening telomeres "sounds" like it would increase cancer, but it doesn't, if it's just from temporary activation (and I dunno why, but lengthening telomeres lenthens lifespans even in animals like mice with crazy long telomeres and telomerase on in every single cell).

Lengthening telomeres in mid-life actually prevents end-fusion events which can make cells go totally wacky (BTW, I hate using aneuploids like HeLa and then claiming you've said something about human cells... I've looked at thousands of those things in the cyto lab, and they ain't even slightly human.)

More from Brenner on SARS-CoV-2 and NAD+:

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