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The location is confirmed :)

I've unfortunately been quite distracted, but better a late reply than no reply.
With capabilities I mean how well a system accomplishes different tasks. This is potentially high dimensional (there can be many tasks that two systems are not equally good at). Also it can be more and less general (optical character recognition is very narrow because it can only be used for one thing, generating / predicting text is quite general). Also, systems without agency can have strong and general capabilities (a system might generate text or images without being agentic).

This is quite different from the definition by Legg and Hutter, which is more specific to agents. However, since last week I have updated on strongly and generally capable non-agentic systems being less likely to actually be built (especially before agentic systems). In consequence, the difference between my notion of capabilities and a more agent related notion of intelligence is less important than I thought.

Thanks for your replies. I think our intuitions regarding intelligence and agency are quite different. I deliberately mostly stickest to the word ‘capabilities’, because in my intuition you can have systems with very strong and quite general capabilities, that are not agentic.

One very interesting point is that you : “Presumably the problem happens somewhere between "the smartest animal we know" and "our intelligence", and once we are near that, recursive self-improvement will make the distinction moot”. Can you explain this position more? In my intuition building and improving intelligent systems is far harder than that.

I hope to later come back to your answer to information about the real world.

I’m already there, wearing a red T-shirt

Alex talk will be postponed to next week. Status of today's meeting is still uncertain.

There might be rain / thunderstorm. In this case we will meet at a private place. PM me if you are new, but still want to join.

New location because of too many people (The group with the large unicycle)

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