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What data am I recording? The days since I last did it.

There are TED talks and other things people have said exist that say when you've messed up some of your reward circuitry in this way that keeping away from it for a while is a good way to go. I haven't really looked at them. I don't claim that it's the best way for everyone, or that people should abstain in general, but I do know that if I don't stop entirely for a little while it won't work. When I give in it's harder to keep from doing it again and I tend to binge. I suppose I would know if it helps if this goes well.

Not sure how much people would want to read about this, but I recently started the /r/NoFap challenge. I've been abstaining from masturbation because I do it too much. While I don't feel like I shouldn't do it at all, I need to get to at least the level of self control where I can do it not at all. Just a few days successfully, and a few weeks of unsuccessful attempts, but I feel like this time it's really coming along.

This is part of a larger plan to increase my general self control, and a concrete first step while I try other various little things.

Then why not for example just make a LW subreddit on Reddit or something? I thought the off topic section was a good idea as an initial response, but Konk has a good point.

Possibly, but not for being off topic.

Y'know, we came up with this idea for this institution and all the cool things we could do. We got so wrapped up in it that the name was kind of an afterthought.

.a'uru'e I sort of like this because I sort of like almost any tinkering with lojban. Still, I'm not sure if using this for myself would have any more of an effect than just making sure to consciously register the probabilities of my expectations. Of course that conscious attention to it seems to be exactly the benefit you suggested it might have. It would probably take a little getting used to the logarithmic change, but after that period I feel like I would have a better feel for probability in general. I don't have a very good intuition grasp on them now.

ta'o The second column on your site about cniglic, the second column is using tengwar, isn't it?

To be fair, living as one person for 10,000 years wouldn't necessarily let you experience everything that any one of many people did during the same amount of time.

Hey! If I find the time I'll be making snarky comments on your snarky comment related posts.

I've had a bit of the same thing. I'm much faster than people who hunt each key, and I don't look at the keyboard anymore, but I'm far from touchtyping. I use about five fingers and one of them I only use for the letter 'a'.

Good to meet you too. There's also Ozy in Florida. That's a whole Three People!

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