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>and more specifically you should not find yourself personally living in a universe where the history of your experience is lost. I say this because this is evidence that we will likely avoid a failure in AI alignment that destroys us, or at least not find ourselves in a universe where AI destroys u...(read more)

Could you qualify that statement?

Can you make an AGI given only primordial soup?

An AI will have a utility function. What utility function do you propose to give it?

What values would we give an AI if not human ones? Giving it human values doesn't necessarily mean giving it the values of our current society. It will probably mean distilling our most core moral beliefs.

If yo...(read more)

Developing an AGI (and then ASI) will likely involve a serious of steps involving lower intelligences. There's already an AI arms race between several large technology companies and keeping your nose in front is already practiced because there's a lot of utility in having the best AI so far.

So it ...(read more)

That's a partial list. It also takes good universities, a culture that produces a willingness to take risks, a sufficient market for good products, and I suspect a litany of other things.

I think once you've got a society that genuinely innovates started, it can be hard to kill that off, but it can...(read more)

I think it's an interesting point about innovation actually being very rare, and I agree. It takes a special combination of things for to happen and that combination doesn't come around much. Britain was extremely innovative a few hundred years ago. In fact, they started the industrial revolution, l...(read more)

You have failed to answer my question. Why does anything at all matter? Why does anything care about anything at all? Why don't I want my dog to die? Obviously, when I'm actually dead, I won't want anything at all. But there is no reason I cannot have preferences now regarding events that will occur...(read more)

Why does anything at all matter?

In Australia we currently produce enough food for 60 million people. This is without any intensive farming techniques at all. This could be scaled up by a factor of ten if it was really necessary, but quality of life per capita would suffer.

I think smaller nations are as a general rule governed mu...(read more)

Each human differs in their values. So it is impossible to build the machine of which you speak.