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As a political scientist, I find a shortfall of socio-political realism in many of the otherwise thoughtful and informed comments. Note, for example, the number of commentators who use pronouns including "we," "us," "our." Politics never works that way: It always includes "them," and almost always involves not just my side versus your side, but many sides operating with incomplete information, partially conflicting values, and different standard operating procedures. Related: Note the underlying assumption in many comments that all AI engineers/designers will behave in relatively similar, benign ways. That of course is unrealistic. Rogue nation-states will be able to hire technical talent, and the craziness of arms races occurs even if none of the participants deserves the term "rogue." Third, even within a single country there are multiple, partly competing security agencies, each keeping some secrets from others, each competing for turf, funding, bragging rights. Some are likely to be more careful than others even if they do not deliberately seek to evade boxing or the other controls under discussion. My comments do not exactly invalidate any of the technical and commonsensical insights; but without facing up more directly to variation and competition in international politics and economics, the technically oriented commentators are in danger of spinning fairy tales. (This applies especially to those who suppose it will be relatively easy to control runaway ASI.)