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Looking from mostly-outside the field (in which I've been interested in for decades but haven't had opportunity to be seriously involved), it seems to me now that part of the problem is that there are so many different possible goals and levels of achievement which might be <i>called</i> "AI" but wh...(read more)

<p>"I guess we can try to have a debate in the philosophies about appropriate response, but I know if some dude ran a plane into my house, I'd want to kick his ass."</p>

<p>As I keep trying to explain to Bush Plan supporters: that is exactly what we are failing to do, and it is precisely because of...(read more)

Okay, I'm totally not understanding the claim that the attackers were cowards. Either the people saying that are using a different definition of "cowardice", or perhaps they're thinking of the attack's mastermind(s) who stayed safely at home. defines "coward" as "one who shows disgraceful fe...(read more)