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If somebody want to play with currying in Haskell interpreter (ghci):

plus :: Int-> (Int-> Int); plus x y = x + y
plus 2 3
plus_two = plus 2
plus_two 3
plus_two 7


And, is your DocBook files available somewhere? Github?


DocBook is a really cool set of tools for such cases, did you convert English version to DocBook? I just looked to html on this site and looks like it will take time for parse and convert it to DocBook.


I had an experience with LaTeX as a source format - it's good if output format is PDF only, but it's pain if you want more, because LaTeX is not really semantic markup, it's only sometimes looks like it. So, in a result I moved my book to DocBook format and it works much better - I can easily produce any output format. I still use custom script for convert DocBook to LaTeX (for PDF generation) because I want to reuse what was prepared initially, but if I will start something new I will try to use DocBook tools without any custom things.