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The Most Important Century: The Animation

Just added the link. Somehow I forgot to add it. You couldn't access the EA Forum version because Matthew had to approve co-authorship, probably.

I only believe in the paranormal

I tried to convey a similar sentiment here, in the pinned comment: 

Many people say that it's impossible to predict the future. And yet predictions are at the core of science. If a belief says something about the world, then it makes predictions. The more accurate your models are, the better your predictions will be. Under this view, everyone can do magic. Your models of the world are your clairvoyance powers. Your actions, informed by your models, are your spells. The better your predictions are, the more powerful your spells.

ProjectLawful.com: Eliezer's latest story, past 1M words

One way to preserve the pictures and the general format while making the story more easily readable is simply converting the books into PDF. At least you could read them on a tablet, which is easier and less distracting than PCs. Tablets' screens are also much better for reading than PC monitors, even if they aren't as good as Kindles. It would be a good compromise, I think.

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Robin Hanson's Grabby Aliens model explained - part 1

Robin Hanson, you know nothing about Robin Hanson. You first wrote the paper in 1996 and then last updated it in 1998.

... or so says Wikipedia, that's why I wrote 1996. I just made this clear in the video description anyway, tell me if Wikipedia got this wrong. 

Btw, views have nicely snowballed from your endorsement on Twitter, so thanks a lot for it.

Robin Hanson's Grabby Aliens model explained - part 1

The only way to explain that is some hypothesis where he's not actually that early amongst the total humans to ever exist which means we turn out not to be "grabby".

You've rediscovered the doomsday argument! Fun fact: According to Wikipedia, this argument was first formally proposed by Brandon Carter, the author of the hard-steps model. He has also given name to the anthropic principle.

Edit: note that us not becoming grabby doesn't contradict the model. There's a chance that we will not. Plus, the model tells us that hearing alien messages or discovering alien ruins would be terrible news in that regard. I'll explain the reason in the next part.

We are failing to see how much better off humanity could be (transparent monsters part 2)

Sensory organs are just a necessary part of what would be needed to get a new kind of sensory experience that correlates with something in the outside world. Otherwise, if you don't care about the outside, they shouldn't be necessary.

But I don't understand 90% of your comment. Seriously confused about what this means:

When I for example feel where the feet of my dance partner happen to be it doesn't feel like there's a new sensory organ. The same goes for other cases where information that's someone in my brain gets integrated in what I perceive.

There are transparent monsters in the world - part 1

Answering both of you: I agree that the topic is not as simple as it may seem. We may not like some things about future morality. I also think that if you hear large portions of the population screaming about something, then you're probably not dealing with a transparent monster, or even necessarily something very important.

Transparent monsters at some point may become visible, and people will be loud about them. But the overwhelming majority of situations in which people are loud about something are not about transparent monsters.

An animated introduction to longtermism (feat. Robert Miles)

Well, there was some love for the person affecting view at the end of the video. Note that one that ascribes to the totalist view might not only mourn every sperm but every potential worthwhile mind.

If You Want to Find Truth You Need to Step Into Cringe

I think that cringe is probably a particular case of ugh fields. Good catch.

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