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An animated introduction to longtermism (feat. Robert Miles)

Well, there was some love for the person affecting view at the end of the video. Note that one that ascribes to the totalist view might not only mourn every sperm but every potential worthwhile mind.

If You Want to Find Truth You Need to Step Into Cringe

I think that cringe is probably a particular case of ugh fields. Good catch.

If You Want to Find Truth You Need to Step Into Cringe

I've thought about your comment, and I think you are basically correct about everything, but my personal experience differs on how easy it is to actually hide the truths you know (either about yourself or the external world).

"If you honestly seek truth, and if you decide to tell 100% of the truth you've found, and if you decide to tell 100% of the truth you've found to anyone you can, to become the leader of truth-tellers, to make telling the truth your reason for existence, to make Telling All Of The Truths your livelihood, then you will appear cringe to the eyes of most people".

From this paragraphs it seems like you make the case that you could say and do 90% of what you want to say and do and get away with it (remember that truth doesn't only influence what you say, but also what you do, and that might be very difficult to hide). In my experience it was more like 20%. I guess it varies depending on who you are and the social context you are in.

It seems likely to me that for most people, most of the time, a better ideal to aspire to is: you can honestly seek truth and yet decide to tell the truth judiciously, selectively (without a requirement of lies!) and thus appear non-cringeworthy to most people.  (Probably cringe to some small subset.)

I feel like that this applies to those truths that are absolutely impossible to say without alienating everyone. In real life you can get away with everything else by just being confident (I believe this with more or less 70% probability). 

I think your definition of "reality" conveniently excludes the society we are embedded within, but the society we are embedded within is perhaps the most important part of the reality we need to navigate and influence to meet our goals.

I actually didn't want to define reality in this way. The distinction social reality vs. the rest of reality is useful in this context but clearly social reality is reality. I don't know if social reality is "the most important part" (for some people it surely is, I don't think it is for me), but it is definitely something that has value and factors in decisions. I may have been too extreme in my script and gave the wrong impression on a few points. My script wring skills have margin of improvement.

"When speaking truth, you shouldn't worry about if the truths you are revealing will be laughed at."

As described above I do not think this is absolutely true.

You wouldn't be like a swordsman who keeps glancing away to see if anyone might be laughing at him, you'd be like a swordsman weighing which stance to take. And/or building the muscle memory to let the correct stances and moves to "flow". (Or something like that...I'm not a swordsman!)

You are definitely correct here. It is not absolutely true. I think I have made the mistake of generalizing my experience too much. 

Introducing Rational Animations

Err... the comments here and on the EA Forum seem neutral to positive. So why am I being downvoted so much? Is it the post or the channel? If it is the channel, I swear that better stuff is coming D: Maybe I should have just done a post after that stuff. Too bad I guess. I didn't expect this reception.