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The Halo Effect

I am also still looking for a reference on that one...

The LessWrong 2018 Book is Available for Pre-order

You could make it even more accessible if Credit card was not the only payment option. In some places (like here in Germany) having a credit card is somewhat less common. Adding Paypal would be nice.

Hammertime Final Exam

Rationality framework: The Greenland effect:

Remember the first time, you looked at a world map: one thing that maybe cached your eye was Greenland: That huge Island, almost as big as Africa, up there in the north.

Now remember the first time, you took a closer look at a globe (or a non-Mercator projection for that matter) Greenland is a bit disappointing, isn’t it? Doesn’t seem to be THAT big at all.

Now remember that time in geography class, when you held presentations on the countries in Europe: In comparison to these folks, the icy planes of Denmark´s pet island seem gigantic. Now, not as gigantic as Africa, but still…

Depending on how much time you spend with geography, I can well imagine that cycle going back and forth some more.

What is important here, is the following: even though your knowledge about the size of Greenland ever increased over your life, your emotional attitude “oh, quite big” or “nah, it´s an island, bruh” switched around quite a lot in both directions.

Now in the case of Greenland this is all well and fine, but other scenarios in can lead to pseudo disagreements or confused arguments: Beware the Greenland effect. Beware that your emotional dispossession towards an issue, often reflects your last update on that issue (which should vary unpredictably) and not your overall believes on an issue (which should converge).

Example of Greenland effects:

“The church is good, it teaches me about God”->”God is fake, the priest must be a moron, the world lied to me” -> “These religious people are actually using a lot of their recouces to help people in need” -> “all those religious charities are so ineffective.” …

“I can’t stop this project now, I have already invested so many recources”->”I know about sunk cost bias. I will abandon my projects, whenever they seem to be a bad Idea” -> “I should carry through projects despite having downs: sunk cost faith.”…


Ok, I'm kind of new to the whole LessWrong Buissness, so can someone please explain to me:

What is your thing with Jordan Peterson? I get, that he is a Psychologist and so on, but there are a lot of people out there, who not just take his 101 life advice by heart, but also his political .... Ideas?

From the way he is quoted in this sequence and the fact that there seems to be no discussion about this in the comments, you seem to see him as a legitimate expert on rationality? Or do you seperate between his psychology and politics? Or does no one know him here except alkjash? I'd love to hear from you all!

The Adventure: a new Utopia story

I laughed so hard at the  "...and then, finally, he truly knew what it was like to be a bat..." part. Every time a Philosophy course at my Uni gets to the topic of qualia, someone brings the exactly same example of the difference of knowing, how I would feel being a at, and how the bat feels...   ...that reference came so unexpected.

Otherwise also nice story, and interesting universe. Thanks for posting it.