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clipmenu lets you configure the history amount - I set it to 1000. also you can save snippets to paste (accessed via a different hotkey) - e.g. your email address, email templates, common code snippets in developer console

also, a possible alternative to karabiner for vim users is wasavi, which lets you use vim in browser textareas

I highly recommend Hanabi. It's a cooperative game about common knowledge.

Rules are here:

There's another effect of "unpacking", which is that it gets us around the conjunction/planning fallacy. Minimally, I would think that unpacking both the paths to failure and the paths to success is better than unpacking neither.

Well, for one thing, we don't know how many round there are, ahead of time.

I don't think that's true. You may not believe that the set of functions is unique (in which case the notion of sets in bijection is no longer unique).

Oops, sorry! I misread. My bad. I would agree that they are all equivalent.

You reject the claim, but can you point out a flaw in their argument?

I claim that the answers to E, F, and G should indeed be the same, but H is not equivalent to them. This should be intuitive. Their line of argument does not claim H is equivalent to E/F/G - do the math out and you'll see.

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I agree that you should pay the same amount.

It feels as though you should be willing to pay twice as much in case 2, since you remove twice as much "death mass". At this point, one might be confused by the apparent contradiction. Some are chalking it up to intuition being wrong (and the problem being misinformed) and others are rejecting the argument. But both seem clearly correct to me. And the resolution is simple - notice that your money is worth half as much in case 1, since you are living half as often!

Harry's patronus also blocks a killing curse, in Azkaban (in HPMoR)

I think realistically, most people burn out if they don't spend some time relaxing. If your argument had been more extreme, it might argue that people should sacrifice a couple of hours of sleep each day as well, right? But it's plausible that for most people, going off of 6 hours of sleep per day will decrease their cognitive ability and productivity drastically. Or that exercising 1 hour a day has sufficient physical and mental health benefits to justify it. Could some amount of recreation be worth it? I think so. I think I couldn't function without some recreation, although I agree that I should actively work to decrease the dependency.

But of course, you have a point. Everyone is wasting some time. Nobody is being perfectly altruistic, and making the best choices at all times. I don't think anyone ever thought they were...

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