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There is no t coordinate, and no global now sweeping across the universe. Events do not happen in the past or the present or the future, they just are. But there may be a certain... asymmetric locality of relatedness... that preserves "cause" and "effect", and with it, "therefore"

Not to trivialize this, but Phillip Fry helps me think about it, by going back in time and being his own grandfather:


for him, whether he was prior to his father is an unanswerable question, but the story is causally consistent.


Never trust another computational agent unless you can see its source code?


Suggestion: upon seeing a topic of interest, tag the person you'd like to write about it, if someone comes to mind.


Essentialism also seems very prominent in human pleasure, per "how pleasure works" book.

As far as supernatural theories, I am in an interesting position as far as taking some meditation training from a martial arts teacher; on one hand I (surely hope!) am not "aligning meridians of the body" while doing the breathing exercises, on the other hand I don't want to dismiss this incorrect "model" too early as it might be of further usefulness, given that these systems tend to be very ancient.


-men and women: men aren't supposed to dress like women and vice versa.

agreed, support your theory

-fish and mammals

yes, probably wrong way to phrase it, but I agree about the essentialism of "fish with scales" being "fishy fish" - that's a very sharp observation, actually.


I believe certain investors used some sentiment as counter-indicators. Jim Cramer comes to mind.

  • wool and flax - Yes
  • men and women - Huh?
  • fish and mammals - Sort of (some people do not eat milk and fish with same utensils, but it's not from the Bible as far as I can tell) Additionally -
  • mixing plant species (via grafting) - Yes, a major support for your point

-- your local ex-rabbinical student :)

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