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2012 Less Wrong Census/Survey

Thanks for doing this once again Yvain.

Edit: survey taken.

High School Lecture - Report

Is this more or less the same thing as Cached Thoughts?

High School Lecture - Report

To be honest, I didn't. I let them talk it out and the issue of free will never came up.

High School Lecture - Report

They just accepted the "god" used to phrase the problem as a perfect predictor. Most of the debate/discussion was centred around the fact whether or not it was more "logical" to choose both boxes (no debate on its definition, thankfully). The one-boxer's main argument was that given the god is a perfect predictor, the best choice was to one-box, as it would be impossible for two-boxing to yield $1,001,000.

Rationality Quotes March 2012

Knowing is always better than not knowing

--Gregory House, M.D. - S02E11 "Need to Know"

PredictionBook: Feature Request and Bug Report

Option to sort by judged/unjudged predictions.

If You Were Brilliant When You Were Ten...

I remember back in elementary school, all the teachers would so "there's no such thing as a stupid question. They even had posters of that on the doors.

Ironically, most of my class (IIRC) never bothered to ask questions or clear up confusion during class. They preferred to ask peers. If they went to ask the teacher during some other time, I wouldn't know. I was a frequent go-to person for math and science; this covered my other poor grades (social studies, art) via Halo Effect and made me appear "smart".

I took to Google for Social Studies.

Somewhere between that and now (Junior year) I figured out that nobody actually remembers when someone asks a stupid question in class. Generally, anyway; every now and then there's something ridiculously funny.

My point being is that if one is truly smart, they most likely appear to be too.

There's not much Utility in only seeming smart, anyways.

[Link, Humor] The Best Christmas Ever

Can Gifto gift better versions of Gifto?

[Link] A gentle video introduction to game theory

The link to the Chess Question solution is the same as that of the Space Complexity Question Solution video.

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