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Not a narrow or specific kind of apprenticeship (training or a project), rather very broad and focusing on learning and academics in STEM areas (advice dispenser, and in cases tutor/trainer). 

Fields of Study:
Computer Science: I am planning to major in this at college. So it is kind of important. I am interested in ML, AI, algorithms, Low Level or precise programming, Website Development, and Application Programming. All at a surface level, I am not sure what I want to do after college but I think it would to have an idea of how all of these work in case I find my self especially interested in one or another. I will be taking an introductory programming and problem solving class in the fall.

Psychology: Specifically rationality and learning which according to a textbook I picked up fit in this category. I have a great drive to improve and optimize my ability to learn. Similarly I want to be able to reason accurately consciously and clearly, out loud, in writing, and in my head. Also Philosophy of Logic, I am taking that as a class in the fall.

Math: I love math and plan to learn and practice it no matter what for the rest of my life. It doesn’t matter what math I like to experience the release of endorphins that coincide with the grasping of a new concept and the solving of a difficult problem.  The best part is the practice of the process of reasoning. I struggle with math but hope to improve a lot over the summer and have been revisiting algebra, and geometry as I am not taking a math class currently. I will be taking a calculus class in the fall.

Physics: I haven’t taken any physics classes yet so don’t have any rigorous understanding of it but I like the idea of having math that you can use to predict what will happen in the real world. I will be taking a physics course next fall. 

Interests: (Less important and only really a bonus)
All the stuff above
Chess: I am learning chess and having a lot of fun I am currently 580 elo and spend a lot of time playing. 
Drawing: I am currently taking my first art class (required to graduate) and find my self really enjoying it. 
Climbing: I like going bouldering, the problem solving aspect of it is fun, usually it technique over strength and really enjoyable to learn.
Teaching: I really like sharing what I learn, things I made and how I made them.

I am a high school senior I don’t know a lot about anything and currently my only desire in life is to learn stuff. The kind of mentorship I am thinking of is more loose than others described here, I would like to have a contact who has been through college and has experience and or interest in similar things. I would describe it more as a counselor. Someone I could go to for guidance about whatever I am interested in learning, someone who could give me advice on general academics. If I am really struggling to grasp a specific concept or idea, they could help walk me through it. If I don’t know what to do next they could help describe, what is applicable and really worth focusing on. Traditionally an apprentice would work for their mentor, however this is more of a charity project :). Although I would be happy to help if there is anything an extra hand/head would be useful for.
Motivation/Goal: To gain a broad base of knowledge in order to be effective at what ever I decide to do.
For contacting just direct message me.


The best part about this post is that you get to see how quickly everyone devolves into serious, rational discourse. 


I am very new to the transgender discussion and would like to learn. I expected the disagreement but was kind of discouraged when I didn’t get any feedback. So thank you so much for the reply. 

I don’t have any real depth of understanding about the biology involved just xx and xy I was completely unaware about the brain body relation you describe. The entirety of how phenotypes work is super new. From an ignorant perspective I thought there was only a mental illness that happens in rarely which a person would hyper fixate on becoming the opposite sex. Given that it seemed that overcoming this in some way if possible would be the ideal outcome. As I was trying to relate it to my experience of becoming an atheist. The simplicity I saw in the world and the lack of cognitive dissonance was and is beautiful. The entire area of transgender from my perspective looks like a jumbled mess that I quickly compared to religion. This is the main factor that lead to the interpretation I did end up taking. 

I think there is an important factor for me that you talked about is the amount of technology available the current perspective vs a transhumanist perspective. The stories you hear about gender transitions going wrong are kind of terrifying which definitely tempered my initial take. However eventually it will be much safer and the transition much more complete. Kind of a digression but I can’t wait to be bird. Imagine learning to fly, or climb as monkey, or swim as tuna. Seriously, one day I’ll do all of those things. At that point if you wish to be a woman, man or something in between, then I would be happy for that to happen. I don’t however have that confidence with current technology and it makes me very uncomfortable. This is the second reason I took the stance I did. 

Learning about the way the brain interprets attractiveness and sex is informative and very important for the issue. I think there is a lot more to learn and I am excited that the whole thing isn’t as surface level as I thought. That means I get to learn stuff which is always great. 

Also regarding my initial post I would like to apologize for the language I used, a delusion definitely isn’t the right term for the issue, it has all the wrong connotations. 


I find this topic (the general topic of transgender) interesting as it is the first time approaching it from a rational mindset. I grew up in an extremely conservative environment. Before I accepted reality my response would be it is immoral to switch genders as you are questioning god’s decision to put you in the body you were given (ego/pride thing I think). This idea no longer fits in my world view which is fun since I get to approach this topic with both a rational perspective and a new perspective. After thinking it over this is what I have got. 

If you believe you are a gender that you weren’t born as this is a delusion a divergence from what reality is. If you are also facing a medical disorder where you are not comfortable in your own skin then if some changes are necessary they should be taken. However many parts of transgender don’t seem rational or necessary. However I do think that the right to change gender or identify as a certain gender without a medical diagnosis is a good idea. Just because scientifically something is true doesn’t mean that you should be forced into believing it. I think if capable you should try to accept the original gender, otherwise it doesn’t matter. 

Given I don’t have any idea what it is like to be transgender and maybe the experience isn’t quite like I think it is. I also don’t know any transgender people I avoided them because I didn’t like their vibe and thought they were weird. I have grown to accept weird people though and am pretty good friends with someone who doesn’t know if they like boys or girls which has been wild. Also I know someone who is older and likes Minecraft which is new.


As a generalization I think this is true but I think it is important to push yourself in instances not for semesters or anything but for a week or a day. This kind of pain in my experience leads to a lot of satisfaction. I agree that subjecting yourself to continued work along with sleep deprivation and prolonged periods of high stress is not a good idea. 


I am really curious about Learning (neuroscience and psychology) and am working on categorizing learning. The systems and tools involved. If anyone has any experience on this sort of thing I would love some feedback on what I got so far. 

I am mostly trying to divide ideas into categories or subjects of learning. That can be explored separately to a degree. I have to admit it is very rough going.

    -Types of Memory
        Working/Short-Term Memory
        Long-Term Memory
        Implicit vs. Explicit / General vs. Singular 
    -Coding: How info is stored
        Semantic Networks
        Associative Networks
        Spaced Reptition
        Level of Processing
        Experts Memory 


Emotion, Mood and Neural-chemicals
    -Motivation and Dopamine
    -Mood Dependent
    -Mood Congruent

Things worth more research:
General Intelligence / Memory Skill
Learning Disorders / Memory Disorders

It seems like most of the things that I know about learning could probably fit into these main categories. Memory this is a very large category maybe too large probably the most meaningful part of learning. Attention which can have a major impact on what is being remember. Exterior the environment and the resources you are using to learn. Methods of learning, these are mnemonics, structured courses, and any mental process actively implemented to improve memory. 

Every time I try to organize this it is different and I realize how much I still have to learn. This was the original Attention, Abstraction, and Memorization. It was wholly based off intuition but it works in a vague way depending on how you define those terms.

Here are some resources I have been using to study learning passively and actively. Not that specific or useful but I really like the encyclopedia, super useful.
-Huberman Lab Podcast 
-Encyclopedia of Learning and Memory by Larry R. Squire
-School Library 

Also sorry about it being so messy I’ll probably come back and fix it up, this is mostly me just recording my ideas.


I don’t think they are filtering for AI. That was ill said, and not my intention, thanks for catching it. I am going to edit that piece out.


Moderation is a delicate thing. It seems like the team is looking for a certain type of discourse, mainly higher level and well thought out interactions. If that is the goal of the platform then that should be stated and whatever measures they take to get there is their prerogative. A willingness to iterate on policy, experimenting and changing it depending on the audience and such is probably a good idea. 

I do like the idea of a more general place where you can write about a wider variety of topics. I really like LessWrong, the aesthetic the quality of posts. A think a set of features for dividing up posts besides the tags would be great. Types of posts that are specifically for discussion like “All AGI Safety Questions” where you beginners can learn and eventually work their way up into higher level conversations. Something like this would be a good way to encourage the Err part without diluting the discourse on the posts that should have that standard. 

Like short post, post and question, but more and filterable. A type of post for quickly putting down an idea. Then a curious observer might provide feedback that could improve it. A ranking system where a post starts out like a quick messy idea but through a collaborative iterative process could end up being a front-page post. 

There are a lot of interesting possibilities and I would love to see some features that improved the conversation rather than moderation that controlled the conversation.


Thanks, that is exactly the kind of stuff I am looking for, more bookmarks! 

Complexity from simple rules. I wasn’t looking in the right direction for that one, since you mention evolution it makes absolute sense how complexity can emerge from simplicity. So many things come to mind now it’s kind of embarrassing. Go has a simpler rule set than chess, but is far more complex. Atoms are fairly simple and yet they interact to form any and all complexity we ever see. Conway’s game of life, it’s sort of a theme. Although for each of those things there is a simple set of rules but complexity usually comes from a vary large number of elements or possibilities. It does follow then that larger and larger networks could be the key. Funny it still isn’t intuitive for me, despite the logic of it. I think that is a signifier for a lack of deep understanding. Or something like that, either way Ill probably spend a bit more time thinking on this. 

Another interesting question is what does this type of consciousness look like, it will be truly alien. Sc-fi I have read usually makes them seem like humans just with extra capabilities. However we humans have so many underlying functions that we never even perceive. We understand how many effect us but not all. AI will function completely differently, so what assumption based off of human consciousness is valid. 

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