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Im at beau jo's pizza in a booth hidden from the doors

Sorry guys its too cold. I'm cancelling the meeting.

Alright. Hi. I'm a senior in high school and thinking about majoring in Computer Science. Unlike most other people my age, this is probably my first post on any chat forum/ wiki/ blog. I also don't normaly type things without a spell checker and would like to get better. Any coments about my spelling or anything else would be appriciated.

My brother showed me this site a while back and also HP:MoR. Spicificly, I saw the Sequences. And they were long. Some of them were some-what interesting but mostly they were just long. In addition to that, I had just been introduced to the Methods of Rationality which, dispite being long, was realy interisting (actualy my favorite story that I have ever read), and there was some other things, so yeah . . . I still haven't read them. But anyway, that was about a year ago and at this point I have read through MoR at least three times. I feel that I am starting to think sort of rationaly and would like to improve on that.

In addition to that, I have this friend that I talk to at lunch. Normaly we talk about things that we probably don't have any ideas about that actualy reflect reality, like the origins of the universe, time travel, artificial intelligence (I did actualy read a bit about that by Eliezer. didn't understand as much as I would have liked, but still) those sorts of things. And about half the time I am almost entirly sure that whatever thought process he's using just doesn't work. So another reason I'm here is to make sure that what ever thought process I'm using is actualy the right way to be looking at things and that I am acting as an intelligent thinker rather than a condecending jerk.

So, I'm going to go get reading those sequences now.