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A Proof Against Oracle AI

What do you mean by "where the motivation comes from"?

How do you identify complex systems?

The most complex system is the one that can generate complex system itself, outside of biological reproduction. Based on this definition, human beings are the most complex biological systems that we know, even if it sound too anthropocentric.

Weak foundation of determinism analysis

A couple of points to your points.

1) Bell's inequalities only seem to disprove local realism. In addition, many scientists criticize the assumptions and, in any case, they are compatible with different deterministic systems or with non-local hidden variables, so it is far from being a definitive tool to prove or disprove determinism.

2) If you take determinism in the broad sense as the main subject of the discourse, then eternalism is a subset of determinism and not vice versa. Other subsets may be: Hard determinism, MWI, Biological determinism, Theological determinism and many others.