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Economic Class

Thanks Isusr for the book recommendations! Look like a great list, I've only seen Paul Graham's essays.  

I am have a pretty comfortable job and decent savings don't have to worry about living in a few years. I am thinking about creating my own business instead of working for other people, but haven't make the jump. I have a family and child, part of me worried they won't be taken good care of if I risk leaving my job and what if I didn't do well. I think this is the feeling for most middle class.

When middle class have some extra money like get promoted in the job, they tends to improve our life style, better car, bigger house etc. This turns back to increase the cost of living and more reliance on the job, and decrease the willingness to take risks. I am trying to be aware of this and not stretch the life style too much to have more savings and investments. Looking forward to find more insights from those books!

Economic Class

Great post! Love the point that "it is common middle class myth that you can work your way up the corporate ladder to the top". Seems it is a mindset problem with middle class there. It would be interesting to elaborate on the ways to change the mindset and jump out of the middle class trap.    

My Covid-19 Thinking: 4/17

If found this study done in Santa Clara County confirmed the author's point. They find infection rate at about 2.49-6.15% of the population. It also suggest that many of the IFR is between 0.12% to 0.2%. If that is the case, if we do a good job of protection, we may not overwhelm the hospitals. It also implies we are far from the herd immunity.

Open & Welcome Thread - February 2020

Have you sold those put options by now? Looks like the Fed and Treasury 6 trillion stimulation package boosted the market a lot. I had similar put position which dropped significantly during the past 2 days of Market rally. Do you think it is still good to hold the put options?