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There is a common Idea that there is only one soul experiencing reality. So like Feynman manentioned an electron travels back in time as a positron and then starts again as another electron. Similarly a single soul is experiencing all living things. If you are that soul you may compute your utility accordingly to your taste.

Kids these days are comfortable upgrading PCs for gaming etc. I see no reason why they can't upgrade an open source phone. No one needs customer support anymore, we just swap a part or change software if things don't work. There is always Reddit for support. Modern kids are not technophobic even if they have no interest in IT careers. Modifying a phone would be no different than accessorising a dress to them.

Which server are most of the cool science and rationality folks at ?

Maybe we need LW users to reply here with their favorite servers.

Don't overthink this! Go with the feelz!

We are the evil AI we warn ourselves about.

Is the tech to create a gene drive and spread it - something a hypothetical determined person can do from their garage ?

Could such a gene arise spontaneously in nature and be the final  reason for the elimination of a species?

Is there an easy to understand explanation  about why a sterility causing gene drive will spread through the population?

Move to a better flat. My flat is so well insulated and sun side facing that I do not need heating even in winter.

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