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How do you translate modern terms line AI into sumerian?

Who benefits? Who has achieved their goals? Needs a discussion of the hypothesis that this was all ordered by Iran to kill the Saudi Israel accords?

Is there a list of questions we expect gpt5 to solve that gpt 4 does not? Also I get the feeling that gpt has seen or been asked all this before. Original questions are hard to do.

Seen this wherever there is rank and yank. People write cool but obfuscated code. Never update documents and. Ignore requests for help from colleagues.

Would you say we are limited by GPU RAM instead? I don't see that growing as fast.

Potential for a mad scientist  with protein design AI to cause havoc? Yudkowsky mentions prions as a AI method to kill us all?

"This begged the obvious question - why can't humans use their previous weaker AIs they already built to fight back"

Would you call this the Antivirus model of AI safety?

Always confuse this with Deontology ;-)

If Ontology is about "what is?" why is Deontology not  "What is not?"

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